What is ware-link ?

Turn complex cost- and time-consuming loading and unloading procedures into simplified, intelligent freight handling processes. The simple-to-use, intuitive online solution for warehouses and distribution centers as well as logistic companies ensures smooth and accelerated loading and unloading operations. It also integrates a tool for efficient, instant communication between the warehouse and truck drivers along with a dock management function to keep control and overview of the processes in the warehouse - all in one application.


Operations and task management

Acceleration of loading and unloading processes

Optimization of handling dynamics at the loading docks

Cost and time reduction

Smart integration with external systems

Communication tool for instant notification


The online application easily integrates into a company’s existing technology infrastructure. It combines easy-to-use features and tools designed to enhance the performance of daily operations in warehouses and distributions centers. The duration and cost of loading and unloading processes on site are significantly reduced.

Dock Management

The dock management tool fosters the optimum utilization of capacities of the loading docks. Warehouses can control, manage and access updated information related to the docks, freight, trucks, and schedules at all times. As a result, handling dynamics are optimized and the traffic flow on site is improved.

Time Slot Booking

The time slot booking function guarantees a smooth advance planning. Warehouses improve their organizational structure by keeping track of freight shipments and managing calendars accordingly. Moreover, the tool’s responsiveness takes into account unplanned changes (such as delays or mechanical breakdowns) and covers real time needs on site. Truck drivers also benefit from booking time slots in advance, as it allows them to plan ahead and schedule their routes.

Notification System

The communication between the warehouse and the truck drivers is facilitated through the notification system. It automatically assigns available docks to the truck drivers and sends them an instant notification with the dock number. This accelerates loading and unloading processes notably and ensures that the trucks are at the right place at the right time. Warehouses can effortlessly control the traffic flow to and from the docks while avoiding detention charges and additional freight costs.

ware-link is in continuous development and new functionalities will be added in the future to cover our customers’ needs.

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